Early literacy starts here.

ALPACA is a one of a kind, game-based screener offering teachers the opportunity to spot literacy challenges early, before small struggles turn into large hurdles.


It's Now or Never...

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Intervening with a 9-year-old child takes four times as long as it does with a 5-year-old in the early stages of learning (Lyon & Fletcher, 2001).

90% of children struggling with reading will reach appropriate literacy levels if they get support by 6 years old (Vellutino et al 1996).

80% of learners who are struggling to read at the age of 6 continue to face reading difficulties at the age of 9 (Sparks, Patton & Murdoch 2014).

Schools are saying...

"It's wonderful to witness the kids' capabilities shining through. It reaffirms my intuition, and most importantly, they truly enjoyed the experience."  - Karen O’Riordan, teacher, Rahan National School

"We have the opportunity to reach kids before they face failure. I never fully realised the significance of early learning and how it profoundly impacts their future."  -Aoife Cunnane, teacher, St. Joseph's N.S. 

We found validation in our thoughts and child assessments, and it allows us to have open conversations with parents and is a valuable resource, that shows that we're not alone in feeling this way.  -Rachel Sosinski, teacher, US

"This was the best way for us to support struggling readers, not by REACTING but by intervening earlier" -Nora Tierney, SET, Knocknacarra School: Educate Together National School

"ALPACA is a unique one-stop shop for assessing - It hasn’t been done before, I’ve never seen anything else like this available!" -Ellen ​​Power, SET, St. Ursula's Primary School

"We had a kid that we thought would struggle, but they finished first, challenging our predetermined bias. This experience will inform seating plans for future testing. It provides concrete evidence for parents and helps us identify the kids who need early intervention in senior infants." -Órla Gatins, SET, Dunkineely National School 

"I'm not just making the numbers up; there's evidence to back it and it's appealing and engaging for children!" -Petrina Hanratty, Deputy Principal, CBS Primary School Dundalk

"ALPACA is a fun and easy way of assessing that provides a clear picture of the child's understanding, as well as their progress or lack of progress. The computer does the 'MAGIC NUMBERS' for you, giving you facts and figures to refer to." -Sharon, SENCO, Deputy Principal 

Early Intervention is 🔑!


Easy for teachers, fun for little learners

Playful yet powerful screener addresses critical aspects of early reading, identifying at-risk little learners 



Informs action plans

Vital learning insights for the classroom to shape impactful work for kids' literacy needs. Make each lesson count! 


Research & evidence first 

Grounded on a strong foundation of scientific research and evidence-based practices. No spitting, just facts🦙😎

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