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Why is phonological awareness important?

Uncover the crucial role of phonological awareness in preventing learning disabilities through the perspectives of pre-school and primary teachers in this compelling article

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Early literacy podcast: Reading Meetings

Dive into this Reading Meeting podcast with Dr. Nadine Gaab from Harvard, exploring early literacy screening, dyslexia, and pre-kindergarten experiences. Don't miss this episode!

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All about Screening & Assessments

This is a short pdf on everything more screening and assessment related stuff

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The impact of AI on Education

Everything about AI and Edtech in Ireland - find us hidden in here!

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Early action vs late diagnosis journal

Warning: It's an academic journal! Discover why early action against dyslexia is more impactful than late diagnosis in this revealing journal.

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ALPACA Screener Guide

Check out ALPACA's slides on their guide to screening in early literacy skills!

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Early Literacy Screening 101

The Why, When, Whom, How, and Where of early Literacy

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What is a screener tool?

Find out everything you need to know about screener tools here on Improving Literacy's website!

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